The Dart: Natchez resident did not want another dog after her Rottweiler died, then …

Published 12:01 am Monday, February 25, 2019


The Natchez Democrat

NATCHEZ — One Natchez resident said after she lost her beloved Rottweiler 11 years ago she vowed she would never love another dog again.

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For approximately 20 years, Arlene Warner said she spent time training many Rottweilers.

Over the years, however, Warner said she fell for one Rottweiler harder than any other. That dog was Bear.

Warner said she decided not to raise Rottweilers anymore after Bear died in 2008 due to a bone tumor, which she learned Rottweilers are more likely to suffer from than other dog breeds.

Warner said Bear’s death was hard for her and is that is why she vowed not to fall for another dog.

Eight years after losing Bear, however, Warner said someone in the neighborhood had a litter of pit-bull puppies they didn’t know what to do with.

Warner said she was upset when her husband, Carter, brought one of the 4-week-old puppies home one night in August 2016.

“I did not look in her direction for four months,” Arlene said, adding she made Carter take the puppy they named Bella to work every day, because she did not want anything to do with the puppy.

Arlene said one day Bella chewed up the seats of her husband’s truck while he was at work, so Arlene decided she would let Bella stay home so she could watch her.

From that point on Arlene said she and Bella have been inseparable.

When The Dart landed on West Stiers Lane on Friday afternoon, Arlene and Bella were sitting together on the front porch of Arlene’s house.

“She’s well trained,” Arlene said. “Everybody knows and loves Bella.”

Warner said sometimes neighbors and friends come by and bring Bella toys because they love her so much.

When the weather is warm, Warner said she and Bella can be spotted sitting on their porch.

“She’s my company,” Warner said. “When everybody else disappears she’ll be right here.”