Collins announces run for District Attorney

Published 6:33 pm Sunday, March 10, 2019

Special to the Democrat

Shameca Collins recently announced her candidacy for Sixth Judicial District Attorney, which serves the citizens of Adams, Amite, Franklin and Wilkinson counties.

“As many of you know,” Collins said, “I currently serve as the Natchez city prosecutor, where I have put into practice this single statement: The duty of a prosecutor is not to convict, but to see that justice is done.”

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Collins said being tough on crime does not mean destroying people’s lives.

“I believe in being tough on crime, but being tough on crime doesn’t mean that you have to destroy lives,” Collins said. “You can’t let people get away with committing crimes, but you can put programs in place that will reform our young men and women before they become another statistic.”

Collins said many alternatives are available for first-time offenders.

“There are many ways that we can help first-time offenders when they commit nonviolent crimes,” Collins said. “For too long, we have treated addiction as a crime, when it’s not. It’s a medical problem. We must end mass incarceration. We have to support criminal justice reform.

“It’s time for law enforcement to collaborate and partner with the community, so that together, we can work to deter crime.

“To do this, there needs to be open communication between law officials and the community. And we must treat victims with respect as we prioritize the crimes that matter most.

“Of course, these programs will not be available to everyone. There are times when programs just cannot do the job. Repeat offenders and those accused of committing violent crimes will be prosecuted.

“Each case will be weighed on its merits, with safety of the community and fairness being my top priorities.

“I look forward to meeting many of you so that I can explain my platform further and also listen to your concerns.

“Please visit my website Thank you for your support.”