NLT presents a little ‘Southern Exposure’

Published 12:01 am Sunday, March 10, 2019

Picture it, Natchez in 1952. The azaleas are in full bloom, the gardens are at their springtime best and hundreds of people are swarming into the town for a little “Southern exposure.”

It is time for the annual pilgrimage tour of homes. For this one moment of the year, the grandest, oldest homes that once belonged to millionaires will open their doors for the pilgrims to peek inside to a different time, a different way of life, some would even say, a living museum or a shrine of a bygone era.

The current homeowners and guides will even don their ancestors’ clothes from hoop skirt dresses to confederate uniforms. Some may show up early and fortunately, for them, some homeowners, like Penelope Mayweather of Mayweather Hall are always ready and willing to give a tour, (when things are all in order.)

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However, while the homeowners and guides are quick to talk about the history of the homes, furniture, family and neighbors, they are very reluctant to talk about themselves. This is especially the case with our very own Penelope Mayweather. In a time and town where image and status are everything, she will do anything to protect both, even if she nearly loses it trying.

This play titled “Southern Exposure” has everything you could want in a story: damsels in distress, greedy relatives, quirky characters, a love triangle, some scandals, a charming liar and a housekeeper who runs everything and everyone.

Guaranteed to make you laugh with glee, “Southern Exposure” is the longest running production at Natchez Little Theatre. So, tour some houses by day; then come our way to find out what happens between the tours. I promise we have the best southern exposure in town.

Directed by Bo Allen, the show stars Yvonne Murray, Devin Arnold, Susannah Burrell, Chanda Solano, Amy and Kenneth DeWitt, Judy Wiggins and Michael Ware. The show also features, Joe Wild, Julia Richardson, Mary Jane Richards, Eric Reed, Laci Arnold and Channing Pickett.

The show runs March 15 through April 14. Performances are 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday with 2 p.m. Sunday matinees. You can also see the show at 7:30 p.m. March 21. So make your reservations today. For Reservations go to or call 601-442-2233. Natchez Little Theatre is located at 319 Linton Avenue at the Maple Street intersection.

Becky Martin-Anderson is a member of the Natchez Little Theatre advisory board.