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Vidalia Vikings fall to Winnfield Tigers 4-2


The Natchez Democrat

VIDALIA — The Vidalia Vikings baseball team scattered four hits and had four other runners on base as they took the Winnfield Tigers into extra innings Tuesday night in Vidalia at The Concordia Recreational Complex.

Winnfield scored two runs in the top of the eighth inning and then sent out a fresh arm in a hard-fought game to close it out and win the game 4-2.

“Winnfield is a good team they are number three in the power rankings and we are number six, so you would expect an outcome like this,” said Vidalia Coach Mike Norris after the game.

The Tigers starting pitcher Brett Jurek threw seven innings, and the Vikings got to him a few times. Nick Melton drove in Dom Harveston in the bottom of the third for the Vikings first run making the score 2-1.

Tony Tolliver scored a run in the fourth to tie the game at 2-2.

The Vikings took the Tigers all the way to extra innings with the score still tied at 2-2.

Winnfield scored two runs in the eighth and then were able to get Vidalia out in the bottom of the eighth and last inning by moving Justin Lawson from the infield to the pitcher’s mound to save the game.

Coach Mike Breaux of Winnfield talked about his two players who hit the ball hard in a very close game.

“Eli Lasyone went 3 for 4, two doubles and a triple and Edward Teal had a triple for the go ahead run,” Breaux said.

For Vidalia, Tony Tolliver playing centerfield made a running, diving catch in the fifth inning. In the seventh inning Tolliver made another remarkable catch while running to his right, this time he threw to first base to double up the base runner which ended the inning.

The winning pitcher was Brett Jurek. The losing pitcher was Nick Melton with the save going to Justin Lawson.