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Natchez’s big show starts Saturday

Beginning Saturday, Natchez is on stage for its annual performance known as Spring Pilgrimage.

If you just rolled into town or have been asleep for 80 years or so, Spring Pilgrimage has been an annual rite of spring in Natchez.

It’s a big deal here when approximately two-dozen of our community’s grandest antebellum houses open their doors to visitors from around the world.

Don’t own an antebellum house, you say? Think Spring Pilgrimage doesn’t involve you because of that? Think again.

Pilgrimage is a business — a big business — in Natchez and the business helps support much in our community.

Money brought here and spent during Spring Pilgrimage helps to pay for police and firefighters. It helps to pave roads and maintain bridges.

In short, if you live in Natchez, Adams County or the surrounding area, Spring Pilgrimage needs your attention, too.

Let’s clean up a little more, have a little more civic pride and remember the influx of visitors may only cause minor issues.

First remember to be on the lookout as you drive around town, as our roads are confusing for many visitors.

Second, please be courteous and helpful to anyone with whom you come into contact.

Be quick to offer directions to someone who looks lost and offer a friendly “hello” to obvious guests in our community.

We hope this Spring Pilgrimage will be so successful it will be one for the record books.