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Natchez police investigate shooting spree

NATCHEZ — A Natchez man is in custody after Natchez police officers said he fired multiple gunshots in the vicinity of a group of people on Gayosa Avenue approximately 9 p.m. Thursday.

“He fired multiple shots in and around the Gayosa Avenue area,” said Natchez Police Chief Walter Armstrong. “No one was hit.”

Armstrong said the suspect left his vehicle and did not have a gun on him when officers arrested him. Adams County Sheriff’s Office deputies located the vehicle allegedly driven by the suspect, said Lt. Cal Green of the ACSO.

The vehicle was taken into custody, Armstrong said, and will be searched after a search warrant is issued.

“The suspect has mental issues,” Armstrong said. “He was shooting in the vicinity of where individuals were. We have talked to witnesses and plan to charge him with aggravated assault and shooting in the city.”

No charges had been filed as of Saturday afternoon, Armstrong said, adding he anticipates charges to be filed after the vehicle is searched and the investigation is complete.