Sunday thunderstorm downs trees, causes power outages

Published 9:45 pm Sunday, April 7, 2019

NATCHEZ — A thunderstorm moved through Adams County Sunday night dropping approximately 1.5 inches of rain, a National Weather Service spokesperson said.

Adams County Emergency Management Director Robert Bradford Sr. said the weather system downed a couple of trees throughout Natchez, one on Liberty Road and one on Beverly Drive that knocked out an electric transformer.

Entergy Customer Service Representative Tim Runnels said the power outage affected approximately 50 customers in the vicinity of Beverly Drive.

“That’s a broken pole, and it will be (Monday) morning before that can be repaired,” Runnels said Sunday night.

Runnels said Entergy had some isolated customers out of service in Woodville and approximately 150 customers out of power in Centreville that he anticipated would have power restored later Sunday night.

Adams County Sheriff Travis Patten said he had no reports of any weather-related damage in the county.