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Natchez Democrat’s All-Metro Team: Kierra Neal and Lisa Abron take top female honors


The Natchez Democrat

Ferriday — Vidalia High School’s Kierra Neal and Ferriday High School’s Lisa Abron are The Natchez Democrat’s 2018-2019 All-Metro female player and coach of the year respectively.

Neal is a senior at Delta Charter School and averaged 17.5 points, 6.5 rebounds, 2.5 steals, and had 80 blocked shots as a 5-foot 7-inch guard.

Last year Neal was named All-Parish player of the year as a junior.

Head coach at Delta Charter is Ronald Ellis.

“Kierra has played all four years and started as a freshman,” Ellis said. “Kierra did a lot for us. We depended on her to score this year.” Ellis commented on the type of offense that he likes to run. “We are an up-tempo team. If we pass it twice and have the shot, we shoot it.”

“My mom and my coach are my biggest supporters. They wouldn’t let me slack off at all this year,” Neal said.

Neal says she started thinking about playing college basketball as a freshman. “I love basketball and watch a lot of NBA basketball. I watch some WNBA, too.” Neal said. Neal plans to sign a scholarship Wednesday to play basketball for Holmes Community College in Goodman, Mississippi.

Head coach Lisa Abron of The Ferriday High School Lady Trojans has been named The Natchez Democrat’s 2018-2019 All-Metro girls basketball coach of the year.

Abron has been coaching the girls team at Ferriday High for 21 years, and their record this year was 23-6.

“Last year, we all set a goal to play better this year, and to do better in the district and the playoffs,” Abron said. “Last year we lost 10 games, this year we lost six, and finished second in the district.”

“We will never lose a game as long as we never give up. I’m still happy if we give 100% and lose,” Abron said.

The Lady Trojans played a pressure defense almost throughout an entire 32-minute game. “We like to play a lot of up-tempo, we press a lot, trying to get steals and easy lay-ups.” Abron said. “The junior high team plays this way also, so they are ready when they get to high school.”

“I enjoy just coaching the game and not focusing too much on players stats,” Abron said.

Coach Abron builds solid relationships with each player in a family atmosphere. “More than anything, we do things together, and even away from school we do things together,” Abron said.