Group looking for fireworks sponsors

Published 12:05 am Sunday, May 12, 2019


VIDALIA — The Vidalia Beautification Committee is getting ready for the 2019 Fourth of July fireworks show over the Mississippi River and asks for continued financial support from patriotic-spirited businesses and fans in the Miss-Lou, said committee chairman, Sabrina Doré.

“We have our usual supporters,” Doré said. “There are a lot of businesses here in Natchez and Vidalia that are always giving, and this year we’re hoping to add on a few more. The show itself … costs about $1,000 per minute. To give a good 15 to 20-minute show with large enough shells to make it spectacular, we need to raise about $20,000.”

Sponsors should pledge the desired amount they wish to contribute no later than June 1, Doré said, so organizers can establish contracts for the show.

All donations are used exclusively for the fireworks show, Doré said.

To thank sponsors for their contributions, Doré said they would be featured in ads circulating on social media, print ads in newspapers and magazines and in announcements made the day of the third annual Fourth of July festival, which starts at 3 p.m. on July 4 and lasts until 10 p.m.

In previous years, Doré said approximately 50 food and craft vendors made the event special, and this year a wide array of new vendors have already stated they would participate in the festival after the committee lowered the price for participation slots to make it easier for more local businesses to join the fun.

The cost to set up a booth is $25 for non-food vendors and $30 for food vendors, Doré said.

“We have so much good food this year,” she said. “Of course we had our usual hamburgers and hot dogs, and this year we have things like jambalaya, pasta and all kinds of stuff.”

Doré said this year’s festival would also feature local dance talent, patriotic dress contests for both people and pets with prizes for the winners and adoptable pets from the Vidalia dog pound.

Festival organizers are also branching out to include more family oriented music and entertainment options, which would be announced next month, Doré said.

“Last year, we mainly had just music,” she said. “This year, we want to get the kids and families involved. We thought the pet show would encourage more families to come out and have fun. … This is a free event we put on each year, just to celebrate America on our beautiful riverfront.”

Doré said anyone who wishes to register a vendor, entertainment act or pledge their donation may contact her at 601-807-9995, email or through the Vidalia Beautification Committee Facebook page.