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Beekeepers group to meet at Co-Lin Saturday


NATCHEZ — Local beekeepers are buzzing about their meeting Saturday at the Tom Reed Academic Building at Copiah Lincoln Community College.

The Natchez Bee Keeper’s Club is a group of approximately 25 beekeepers and enthusiasts that band together once a month when the weather is warm to discuss the best ways to help their hives thrive, said Modie Mascagni, one of the club’s founding members.

The meeting, which is normally hosted at the Adams County Agricultural Extension Center, will be at Co-Lin starting at 10 a.m. Saturday, Mascagni said, where knowledgeable guests and members will lead an informative discussion to educate both veteran beekeepers and novices about the art of beekeeping.

One of the guests, Mascagni said, is Jeffery Harris, Ph.D., a Mississippi State University entomologist.

“He is going to come down and talk about raising queen bees, splitting hives and different things like that,” Mascagni said.

Bees have been a hobby of Mascagni’s for the past 5 years at least, he said, adding there is a lot to be learned from handling beehives.

“I like messing with bees,” Mascagni said. “I enjoy manipulating the hives and doing splits and educating people about them. … The club usually meets at the Agriculture Extension office once a month in the spring and summer and talk about what people should bee doing with their beehives, and every month there is something different you should do.”