Study up on candidates before voting

Published 12:01 am Friday, May 31, 2019

With campaign season in full swing for 15 countywide offices up for grabs this year, Adams County voters are inundated with campaign information.

Billboards line the roads touting candidates’ names and credentials. Campaign flyers and brochures are handed out in public places and candidates are out knocking on doors and asking for votes.

Free elections in our democracy are a great thing.

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We the people choose who will be our leaders, handle our tax dollars and take care of our business, whether at the highest level of the nation’s leadership or on the most local level.

It is important for voters to know whom they are voting for.

To that end, the State of Mississippi has specific campaign finance rules that require candidates seeking political office to submit financial statements for their campaigns.

That information is public record and can tell voters a lot about how a candidate handles business and who is putting money behind those candidates.

On Thursday and again today, The Natchez Democrat included comprehensive reports on the campaign finance filings by each of the candidates seeking offices in this year’s Adams County elections.

On Sundays we are profiling the candidates in each of the county’s races asking them questions pertinent to the offices they seek to hold.

We encourage you to study up on all the candidates and make informed decisions before going to the polls to vote in the August party primaries and again in the November general election.