Keep your eyes on river, rain

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The Miss-Lou got a bit of a reprieve Monday as the National Weather Service reduced the projected Mississippi River crest at Natchez and moved the date back a few days.

The crest had been projected to reach 59 feet on June 10, but the National Weather Service on Monday dropped the level to 58.5 feet and pushed the date back to June 13.

If reached, however, either of those projected crests will be the second-highest ever recorded crests on the river at Natchez, beating the previous second-highest crest of 58 feet set in 1937.

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Also, either projected crest if reached will be only some 3 feet shy of the record of 61.95 feet set in 2011.

That is why people should be paying attention to the river levels and the rain forecasts.

Depending on the amount of rainfall in the next few weeks, the river projections could rise or fall.

People who were in the Miss-Lou in 2011 certainly remember what the flooding was like that year.

Everyone who lives in an affected area would be wise to have a plan in place now for how, when, what and where to move to higher ground.

In the meantime, however, levees that have been constructed and improved since 2011 are making the prolonged flood level of 150 days less of a problem than in the past.

And, elected officials on both sides of the river are taking precautions to shore up the riverfronts with Hesco baskets as needed and have plans in case the projections rise.

We advise everyone to keep your eyes on the river, hope for the best and prepare for the worst.