The Dart: Natchez keeps bringing Foresman back home

Published 12:01 am Monday, June 17, 2019

NATCHEZ — Tom Foresman grew up in Natchez and moved away four or five times, but his childhood memories keep bringing him back to his hometown, he said.

Foresman said he first moved to Natchez with his family when he was 2 years old and has moved back and forth four or five times between New Orleans, Alabama and Memphis.

Foreseman said, while sitting on his front porch on State Street where The Dart landed Saturday, that most of his family and friends have either moved away or died, but his memories keep bringing him back to Natchez.

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One memory in particular is of playing Army with his childhood friends on a “battleground” just a few yards from his house on State Street.

“I used to wear my Dad’s old Army helmet,” Foresman said, adding their weapons and ammunition were dirt clods and imaginations. “I wasn’t the only one, either, whose daddy used to be in the Army. It’s almost like everybody used to be in the Army.”

Foresman said, like many people in Natchez, he has had a boomerang relationship Natchez but by some force keeps coming back.

Over the years Foresman said he has developed many associations with different groups of people in town including people in the local music scene.

In the early ’90s, Foresman, a drummer, said his mother, brother and he would play at Under The Hill Saloon in a band called, “T-Lu Trio.”

Foresman said he also has played with many other local bands all over town throughout the years.

“I’ve played with everybody,” he said, “But a lot of these people I played with now have passed on now, too.”

Although the faces have changed, the musicians he once played with now only live on through their songs and the childhood battleground has been bulldozed over for houses to be built, Foresman said Natchez is still his home.