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Weekend Ticket: Get musical, physical workout Saturday


NATCHEZ — Who knows? Handbells might be the next trend in physical workouts in the Miss-Lou.

One of the easiest ways to learn how to make music, First Presbyterian Church Music Minister Darrel Day said, handbells offer a wide range of benefits, including a good physical workout.

From 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, the First Presbyterian Church in Natchez is hosting a one-day handbell workshop for anyone interested in learning how to make beautiful music together, Day said.

The conference, which ends with a soup and sandwich lunch, is for beginners and those who have bell-ringing experience, Day said.

“Being a longtime advocate of handbells and music, I feel like it is the easiest way to make music for the non-musican,” Day said. “When you are part of a group, you are only responsible for two notes. It is not like the piano where there are a lot more notes.”

In addition to being a great music experience, handbells are also a great physical workout, Day said.

“It is a great workout for your arms,” Day said.

The morning clinic will include several hands-on opportunities to learn and play handbells, Day said.

“Besides being an aural experience, handbells are also a visual experience,” Day said. “People also enjoy watching the music being played. It is an active experience.”

For Day, the greatest benefit that comes from handbells is the sense of community that comes from working together.

“It is a great way to build community because you are working with eight or ten people to make one instrument,” Day said.

The clinic will also include a discussion about creating a community handbell choir that could be shared with area churches and play at other local events.

Those interested in knowing more about Saturday’s conference are encouraged to call 601-442-2581 or email Darrell@fpcnatchez.org.