Thanks to cameras, crime rate is dropping

Published 12:01 am Friday, August 23, 2019

Violent crime is down in Natchez this year.

Last year, Natchez experienced 12 homicides. So far this year only one has been recorded, said Natchez Police Chief Walter Armstrong.

The drop in violent crime was attributed to surveillance cameras, including 25 of which are part of the nationwide crime program Project NOLA, that have been installed in key places throughout the city.

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Additionally, private businesses and housing complexes have installed their own cameras, which also have helped solve not only violent crimes but also other crimes such as burglary and thefts.

In addition, two businesses have stepped up to the plate with donations to help the city purchase more cameras.

Both United Mississippi Bank and Merit Health Natchez donated $1,500 each for the city to purchase 10 more cameras to be installed in the community.

Their donations are a great public service and will go a long way to helping keep the crime rate low and to helping solve crimes when they happen.

Funny how criminals don’t commit crimes when they know they are likely to be caught.

Therefore, more residents should consider purchasing their own cameras to watch their own properties and neighborhoods, and more business should consider donating cameras the way UMB and Merit Health have done.

Meanwhile, if you see something, say something. Tell law enforcement when you know someone has committed a crime or is planning to commit a crime.

The more criminals get caught and prosecuted the less likely others will want to commit crimes.