Clerk: 2016 taxes still owed on 274 properties; Deadline Wednesday

Published 12:15 am Saturday, August 24, 2019


NATCHEZ — Wednesday is the final deadline for Adams County property owners who owe 2016 taxes to redeem their property, officials said.

Adams County Chancery Clerk Brandi Lewis said 2016 taxes are still owed on 274 properties in the county.

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Lewis said property owners who owe 2016 taxes should make their payments at the Adams County Chancery Clerk’s office before the office closes at 5 p.m. Wednesday or they forfeit their property.

“Those who don’t pay forfeit the property and the individual who purchases the property at a land sale has the right to request a tax deed,” Lewis said. “By state law, we cannot accept any 2016 property taxes after Wednesday.”

Taxes are due by Feb. 1 each year, Lewis said, adding the taxes owed after that date would procure 1.5% each month until the debt is paid, according to Mississippi law.

On Monday, properties with outstanding tax payments for the 2018 year will go to a land sale, after which the property owners will have two years to redeem the property or forfeit their land, Lewis said.

“On average, we have about 2,000 properties that go to land sale each year,” Lewis said. “When that happens the property owners have two years to make payments and redeem their property.”