Let’s hear it for all those football moms!

Published 12:01 am Saturday, August 31, 2019

Football season is underway, and as is tradition, Cathedral’s Green Wave football team hosted the 12th annual Pigskin and Pearls event.

The event was created to honor the women in the young football players’ lives.

In most cases, the women in those young players’ lives are their moms who are unwavering in support of their sons’ football careers.

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Without their moms’ support, most of the players would not be able to play football, much less excel on the field.

Who wakes them up in the mornings and gets them to school on time? The moms.

Who picks them up after football practice? The moms.

Who feeds them to help them grow and play on the field? The moms.

Who does the laundry? The moms.

Who roots for them from the stands? The moms.

Yes. Without the women behind the players, high school football would not be what it is.

Pigskin and Pearls night is a great tradition and Cathedral is great to carry it on to honor the women who help the young men excel on the gridiron. No doubt, every high school football team owes its success to the moms in many of the young players’ lives.

So, let’s hear it for all the football moms out there. Hip, hip, horray! Hip, hip, horray! Hip, hip, horray!

Yea, football moms!