CoreCivic’s new contract is good news for area

Published 12:01 am Thursday, September 5, 2019

Tuesday’s announcement that CoreCivic has landed a new contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement was welcome news, indeed.

Not only will CoreCivic retain approximately 390 employees of the facility but it also will hire an additional 50, officials said, with an additional $400,000 in revenue.

When news broke earlier this year that the Federal Bureau of Prisons would not renew its contract with CoreCivic, which operates the Adams County Correctional Facility off of U.S. 84, at the end of August, many people were worried about Adams County’s economic future.

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CoreCivic is one of the county’s largest employers and the loss of some 400 jobs would have been a difficult blow to the local economy.

Even with prospects on the horizon, including Syrah Techologies and Vidalia Denim, which expect to hire as many as 300 people in coming months, losing CoreCivic would have been a break-even proposition.

Now, Adams County is back on the plus side with jobs.

The new contract did not come about without an effort on the part of CoreCivic, local officials and our congressional delegation.

The county also will share in the revenue, taking in 50 cents per day per inmate. We appreciate the efforts of local officials and CoreCivic in landing the new contract for the Adams County Correctional Facility and are happy the efforts paid off.

Good work!