Annual Antiques Forum this weekend

Published 12:10 am Wednesday, October 30, 2019


NATCHEZ — The 42nd Natchez Antiques forum this weekend offers new ways to look at old designs.

Event chairman Sarah Carter-Smith said though the primary focus of the annual antiques forum has been the “old and the antique” the ways of looking at priceless clothing, portraits, interior design, ceramics and glass and other elements has evolved some over the years.

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“We’re looking to revamp this event and focus on design too — preserving the past and looking forward to the future,” Smith said. “We want to bring in more interior design and entertainment and make it grow. Over the years, it’s always focused on the old and the antique and depending on the theme other elements have changed.”

Thursday through Saturday, antique and design enthusiasts may explore the influence of the La Belle Époque era — dated from the end of the Franco-Prussian War in 1871 to the outbreak of World War I in 1914 — upon Natchez.

Smith said Natchez would host lecturers who have traveled from as far as Paris, France for the event. Ticket packages are $295 for silver, $395 for gold and $495 for platinum packages.

Platinum ticket packages include a Parisian-inspired lunch and reception prepared by chef Regina Charboneau and a lecture by Anais Romand, an award-winning French costume designer — starting at noon Thursday.

Other lectures throughout the weekend include topics on architecture, landscapes, photography and Parisian Art Nouveau posters.

Lectures start at 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday, Nov. 1, and 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 2, at the Carriage House Restaurant at Stanton Hall.

A welcome dinner starts Thursday, Oct. 31, at Longwood and includes a Mark Twain reenactment and a cemetery tour on the Longwood grounds.

Friday, Nov. 1 there will be a Southern lunch of fried chicken and biscuits at the Carriage House. Later, attendees will have a French-influenced dinner at Victorian home, Glen Auburn.

Space is limited for each event. For tickets or more information, visit or or call 601-445-6102.

“It’s going to be interesting to learn about the influence of the La Belle Époque era on Natchez,” Smith said. “It seems to have impacted our architecture, landscape and design as well. Knowing that makes people look at things differently.”