Our picks for county supervisors

Published 12:01 am Thursday, October 31, 2019

The most difficult job for an Adams County Supervisor may be balancing one’s responsibility to constituents with making decisions that are vital to the future of the community.

This is particularly true when a supervisor is faced with supporting issues that conflict with the views shared by his/her constituents.

Improving recreation, supporting local economic development efforts, pursuing the consolidation of services and demanding fiscal responsibility are among such issues.
Making the difficult decisions necessary to advance these and other important issues are what we seek for the next leaders on the Adams County Board of Supervisors.

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In district two, we endorse incumbent David Carter for a third term. In his eight years in office, Carter has shown that he can get things done. Most recently, he has assisted in lowering the fire rating of his district, led the charge to go to a single provider ambulance system in the county and helped maintain gas service to residents when the only gas line to district residents was abandoned.

In district three, Democrat Angela Hutchins is running against independent candidates Brandon McCranie and Wilbert Whitley. In the Democratic primary, this editorial board made the rare decision not to endorse any of the candidates on the ballot for districts three and four based on the lack of support for the issues we think are priorities for Adams County. Since then, Hutchins has said she has rethought some of her positions, including throwing her support behind local economic development efforts led by Natchez, Inc. and Natchez Now. In light of her change of position and her willingness to rethink issues when necessary, we endorse Hutchins in this race.

However, in district four where Democrat James “Rickey” Gray is running against independent Jacquetta McCranie we continue to withhold our endorsement of either candidate, because we do not agree with the positions either candidate has taken on one or more critical issues facing our community.

In district five voters will have the opportunity to elect a new representative for their district after incumbent Calvin Butler was defeated by Democrat Warren Gaines. Gaines is running against Lee Blanton and Cleotha Marsaw in the general election. In our view, both Gaines and Blanton are strong candidates, but we believe Blanton’s promises for fiscal responsibility, improvement in recreation opportunities and demand for board accountability gives the edge to Blanton. We strongly endorse Blanton for district 5 supervisor.