Bright Future: McLaurin fifth-grader ready to change world

Published 12:10 am Wednesday, December 4, 2019


NATCHEZ — Ryan Smith, age 10, loves to read and wants to change the world.

Smith, a fifth-grade student at McLaurin Elementary School and the son of Eric and Tracy Smith, said he likes to read books in just about any genre.

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“I like to read any type of book,” Smith said. “Every single last one of them.”

Although he doesn’t have a favorite, Smith said he really enjoyed the latest book he finished in the “A to Z Mysteries” series.

“It’s about these three kids who solve mysterious crimes — like robberies mostly,” Smith said. “I enjoy it because three little kids are brave and try to help people get back their stuff that was stolen from them.”

Smith is also an A and B honor roll student, participated in McLaurin’s spelling bee this year and loves to play soccer with his brother and sister and home basketball with his classmates at recess.

“It was fun,” Smith said. “I played soccer for two years in Vidalia in second- and third-grade. Now, I practice at home.”

When he grows up, Smith said he’d like to run his own restaurant business or fight crimes himself.

“When I grow up, I’d like to be a restaurant owner or a police officer,” Smith said. “There are crimes going on all around the world and I want to put a stop to it and make this world a peaceful place.”