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Congratulations, McLaurin Elementary!

Gilmer McLaurin Elementary School in Natchez is “The Healthiest School in Mississippi.”

Think about that.

Out of all the schools in the state of Mississippi that applied for the designation from the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation, McLaurin Elementary School in Natchez is the best.

McLaurin Elementary School and its dedicated staff of administrators, teachers, coaches and students are setting an example for others to follow.

The school has worked with charitable and non-profit organizations to create a garden space so students can grow fresh vegetables on the school grounds.

The students even get to harvest, cook and eat the vegetables.

School coaches have created a schedule of physical education activities, including games of kickball that not only keep the students active but that also are fun.

And, the teachers are not immune. They also face weekly challenges that are put on a calendar to help them live a healthy lifestyle.

Gilmer McLaurin beat out some heady competition for the title this year, too, edging out DeLisle Elementary School (Pass Christian School District), Moselle Elementary School (Jones County School District) and St. Martin High School (Jackson County School District) for the top prize.

In addition to the distinction of being “The Healthiest School in Mississippi,” McLaurin Elementary School will receive a $50,000 grant to enhance the school’s health and wellness programs.

Congratulations, McLaurin Elementary School for your success.

Great job! You represent the school district, Natchez and Adams County well.