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No charges filed in case of malnourished dog

NATCHEZ — Three weeks after an emaciated dog was seized from her owner and brought to the Natchez-Adams County Humane Society, the dog’s health is improving but no charges have been filed.

Natchez Animal Control officer Randy Myers responded to a tip about the dog at a residence on Holden Drive on Jan. 10 and transported her to the shelter.

The dog was at least 10 pounds underweight and was missing hair on her back near the base of her tail.

Natchez Police Department investigator Scott Frye said a thorough criminal investigation is ongoing.

“When this was brought to our attention, we looked at the statute and said this needs to be a criminal investigation,” Frye said. “… We are looking into it and with a dog, we can’t go with just pictures. … It’s not a fast process.”

Shelter Manager Lena McKnight said the dog, a solid black and mid-sized mixed breed named Heaven, started to gain weight within a week of being brought to the shelter.

“She is gaining weight and seems very sociable,” McKnight said. “We’ve even had someone show interest in adopting her.”

Heaven would have to gain a little more weight and receive spay surgery before she would be eligible for adoption, McKnight said.

McKnight said a veterinarian’s report stated the dog had been emaciated with other health problems.

“(The report) said that she was emaciated, she had heartworms, and had a yeast infection in her skin which was what caused the missing patches of hair on her back,” McKnight said. “Some of her teeth were broken, probably from either chewing on her chain or on rocks — which dogs will do if they are hungry. The vet saw her five days after she was brought in and she had already gained 4 pounds.”