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County works to resolve recreation issues

NATCHEZ — Adams County officials agreed to pay their portion of a bill owed to the YMCA, which was nearly a year overdue.

During Monday’s meeting of the Adams County Board of Supervisors, the board approved the payment of an overdue invoice for $26,345 to the YMCA — who managed the community pool near Natchez High School up until March last year.

“We had a meeting with the city not too long ago about reconciling the balance in our recreation fund, and it was determined that there was a balance of $26,345 that the county owed for the YMCA,” Murray said during the meeting. “I advise that we go ahead and pay it so that the recreation board can go ahead and send them a check.”

The Natchez Adams County Recreation Commission chairman Jimmy Ware said the commission couldn’t pay the bill for the YMCA for several months because they couldn’t hold a quorum to conduct business with missing members on the board.

The commission is made up of three volunteers appointed by the Adams County Board of Supervisors, three from the Natchez Board of Aldermen and three from the Natchez Adams School District.

Supervisors recommended Bubba Bruce, Jeff Morris and Derrick Baptiste to fill the volunteer position on the recreation board and represent Adams County.

The county has only one seat on the board to fill, as does the Natchez Adams School District, Ware said.

“What they’ll more than likely do is interview each person and then decide on who to appoint to that position,” said the Adams County Board Attorney Scott Slover after Monday’s meeting.

The City of Natchez also appointed two members, Marcus Sullivan and Tommy Green, to the recreation commission during their Tuesday meeting.

Officials said now that budgetary discrepancies were sorted out, they could move forward with funding further improvements to the community pool near Natchez High School through the Wildlife and Fisheries’ Land and Water Conservation Fund program.

The grant is funding half of a project to add lockers, showers, cubbies and bleachers for swim meets as well as heat and cover the pool, extend the pool deck and supply an automatic chlorinator, officials said.

The city and county agreed to split the match for the grant for approximately $85,000 each.

“I think everything is finally straightened out,” Ware said after Monday’s meeting. “I think we’re ready to go on with funding capital improvements and developing recreation in Adams County.”