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Finally progress on recreation; more needed

County officials finally paid an outstanding $26,345 bill to the Natchez Adams County Recreation Commission so the commission can pay a past due bill to the Metropolitan YMCA.

The YMCA pulled out of managing Natchez’s community swimming pool last March in part because the county was behind on paying the agreed upon contract price for the management services.

The recreation commission has had its problems over the past year, ranging from not paying bills to being able to keep members on the board and being able to get volunteer members to actually show up for meetings, all of which has contributed to the commission not being able to pay bills regularly.

The commission is made up of nine members, three each appointed by the Natchez Mayor and Board of Aldermen, the Natchez-Adams School District and the Adams County Board of Supervisors.

During Monday’s meeting of the board of supervisors they not only paid the delinquent fees to the commission but they also appointed two new volunteers to the commission.

Now only two seats are left to fill, one more from the supervisors and one from the NASD.

We congratulate the new members and trust they will take their responsibilities seriously.

Recreation is one of the top priorities for the community and the community has invested too much into recreational facilities not to have proper management.

Congratulations on the progress, now keep it up.