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I am proof of power of prayer; Thanks, Natchez

To my adopted city of Natchez, as we begin a new decade with 2020, I cannot help but reflect on my year of 2019. On April 24 of that year, I went in to the hospital to have heart bypass surgery. After 78 days in this hospital, I was finally able to leave after learning how to walk again. That date was July 12, two days after I turned 66.

Medically, I am not supposed to be here; but I am. The reason for my writing is to tell you that the Lord empowered my entire medical staff, my family and especially you citizens of Natchez to get me through my dire situation.

I do not know where to begin to thank all of you in Natchez who sent cards, made special visits, cared for my family, and put me on your church prayer lists. So many of you showed your concern also by reaching out to my family members in Natchez after my ordeal grew more serious.

All of my family members have told me these gestures were done day to day, every day, by so many of you. My heartfelt thanks go out to each of you right now for everything that you have done for me. As I have expressed to some of you already, “For a guy who died twice, I am doing pretty well.” My doctors, therapists, and medical staff consider me a poster boy for each of their areas; but what I am is a poster boy for the power of prayer.

It now is very comforting and humbling to “have known and not known” all of you who were praying and concerned for me during this challenging time. Having returned to Natchez to recover from my ordeal and having learned of your prayers and generosity, I can say this with deep affirmation: All of your prayers pulled me through my situation. There is no doubt about this. Please, do not ever doubt the power of prayer. If you have in your life someone who needs help, pray to God for that person. If you have a problem, pray. I never knew how powerful prayer was until now.

According to my children and wife, Kay, many doctors, nurses and other medical staff were calling me their “Miracle Man.” They all would tell my family, “You know, he really shouldn’t be here.” I don’t remember anything of my 48 days in SICU and recall only brief encounters in the remaining days that I was hospitalized. When I returned home and heard all of what I had been through after my surgery, I knew that your prayers to God for me pulled me through this trial of mine. I thank all of you now for letting me be this miracle man.

One last note to share is that my cardiologist told Kay and me that he considered “my case” as one of the top two in his career. Kay asked, “Who was the number one case?” His response was that he has not had it yet. I pray for that person daily.

The Lord did not take me in 2019. People have constantly and graciously told me, “He has kept you here for a special reason and purpose.” I believe it. Now, all I ask is a few more prayers from you that God will give me direction and strength for this purpose. At the same time, I will continue to thank God for all of you of Natchez and pray that He continues to bless you fine people in my adopted city. God bless you all.

John Taylor is a resident of Natchez.