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Adams County constables may soon get Tasers

NATCHEZ — Adams County constables may soon be getting Tasers in order to protect themselves from possible threats on the job.

The prospect of purchasing Tasers for Northern District Constable Willie B. Jones and the Southern District Constable Randy Freeman was discussed during recent meetings of the Adams County Board of Supervisors.

The board, during a special called meeting, unanimously approved a motion stating that Tasers are valid equipment for the constables and are necessary for them to carry out their duties.

Adams County Sheriff Travis Patten said the constables make house calls and service arrests that can sometimes lead to hairy situations if individuals are non-compliant.

“(The Constables) have called us three times for backup this week,” Patten said Thursday.

Though Tasers for the constables hadn’t been priced as of Thursday, officials said a Taser similar to those used by a sheriff’s deputy could cost approximately $3,600 with regular maintenance and cartridge replacement included in the cost.

The supervisors also discussed issuing body cameras with the tasers to ensure that the equipment is used responsibly.

“If you put a taser in their hands then they need a body camera. I don’t want anyone getting tased that shouldn’t be,” District 3 Supervisor Angela Hutchins said during Thursday’s meeting.

“I wouldn’t be in law enforcement today without a body camera,” Patten said. “Even prior to working at the sheriff’s office, I purchased my own while I was working for the city to hang on my shirt just because times have changed. The constables have already called us several times this week because of people just being very unruly and violent towards them.”