Local Girl Scouts ready to sell thousands of cookies this year

Published 9:46 pm Thursday, February 20, 2020

NATCHEZ — For the next four weeks, Matilda Stephens will live in what may be the area’s biggest cookie cupboard.

The program manager for the Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi filled her den on Thursday with nearly 3,000 boxes of cookies.

Girl Scout cookie season has already started in Natchez and will continue through Mid-March.

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Stephens said the cookies delivered to her house Thursday do not include the thousands of boxes that were pre-sold by scouts across the regions.

“These are all extra,” Stephens said.

Local scouts spent two-weeks earlier this year taking orders from friends, family members and local cookie lovers.

Stephens also leads local Troop 4735. Stephens said eight girls in her troop pre-sold approximately 1,200 boxes in that two-week period. One scout, Stephens said, sold more than 500 boxes.

For the next few weeks, Stephens said scouts from her troop and the other area troops will continue selling the boxes out of her den, which has been designated as the area’s “cookie cupboard.”

If last year is any indication, Stephens said she expects that she will have to refill the “cookie cupboard” twice before Girl Scout cookie season is over on March 16.

“We expect to sell out,” Stephens said. “The last time I had to go to Jackson and Hattiesburg to get more cookies because we sold out.”

Classic cookies such as Samoas, Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Trefoil Shortbread and Do Di Dos are available. So, too, are newer varieties like the S’Mores and Toffetastic cookies. This year the scouts are introducing the Lemon Ups cookie — a crisp lemon cookie baked with inspirational messages.

The S’Mores and Toffetastic sell for $5 per box. All of the other cookies sell for $4 per box.

All of the cookies are sold by local girl scouts, Stephens said.

Those who are interested in buying cookies and do not know a local scout can call or text Stephens at 601-597-7485 to place an order.

Stephens said as long as she has a contact name and phone number, she can make arrangements with the local troops to have cookies delivered.

Proceeds from the cookie sales go to each troop and can be used to help fund trips, provide camp fees and other projects.

“Our goal is to make enough money to be able to buy tickets to ride the train to Memphis, do a tour day in the city and then ride the train back,” Stephens said.

Last year, Stephens said her troop made enough money to send her scouts to camp.

In addition to earning money for their troop, Stephens said the girls are also earning badges.

“Girls Scouts have changed a lot over the years,” Stephens said. “Now they earn a whole series of badges for entrepreneurship.”