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ACCS students make the right hypothesis with science fair wins

Adams County Christian School students celebrated the best in science with its annual science fair. Winners of the ACCS science fair announced Tuesday were:

  • Chemistry: 1st – Halle Smith, 2nd Rylie Sikes, 3rd Bryson Higgins
  • Microbiology: 1st – Drake Hale, 2nd- Heidi Bolyer, 3rd – Brady Sullivan
  • Physics: 1st – Heath Isbell, 2nd Hayden Roy, 3rd-Kierstin Thomas
  • Environmental science: 1st – Wanderlei Griffin, 2nd Leila Ray, 3rd- Sennette Griffin
  • Medicine and Health: 1st – Maddox Simpson, 2nd – Lauren Moreland, 3rd-Ethan Robb
  • Behavioral Science: 1st – Christopher Grace, 2nd- Cayden Johnson
  • Engineering: 1st – Jenna Holland, 2nd – Chase Thibodeaux,3rd – Gabe white
  • Zoology: 1st – Keaton Ross, 2nd-Ruby Mooney, 3rd-Bella Bennett

First and second place winners will be competing at the district level at Centreville Academy on Monday, March 16.