ACCS students make the right hypothesis with science fair wins

Published 10:18 pm Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Adams County Christian School students celebrated the best in science with its annual science fair. Winners of the ACCS science fair announced Tuesday were:

  • Chemistry: 1st – Halle Smith, 2nd Rylie Sikes, 3rd Bryson Higgins
  • Microbiology: 1st – Drake Hale, 2nd- Heidi Bolyer, 3rd – Brady Sullivan
  • Physics: 1st – Heath Isbell, 2nd Hayden Roy, 3rd-Kierstin Thomas
  • Environmental science: 1st – Wanderlei Griffin, 2nd Leila Ray, 3rd- Sennette Griffin
  • Medicine and Health: 1st – Maddox Simpson, 2nd – Lauren Moreland, 3rd-Ethan Robb
  • Behavioral Science: 1st – Christopher Grace, 2nd- Cayden Johnson
  • Engineering: 1st – Jenna Holland, 2nd – Chase Thibodeaux,3rd – Gabe white
  • Zoology: 1st – Keaton Ross, 2nd-Ruby Mooney, 3rd-Bella Bennett

First and second place winners will be competing at the district level at Centreville Academy on Monday, March 16.

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