High bond justified in drive-by shooting case

Published 5:50 pm Wednesday, March 4, 2020

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Last week, Natchez Police officers were finally able to arrest a suspect in a Christmas Eve drive-by shooting that injured a man on Minor Street.

Police had been looking high and low for the suspect and rightfully so.

Someone who is a suspect in such a violent crime certainly should not be on the streets at least until after the suspect has had a day in court to determine guilt or innocence.

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To that end, Natchez Municipal Court Judge Lisa Dale did the right thing in setting a $460,000 total bond for the suspect, including $300,000 for the attempted murder charge $100,000 for the drive by shooting charge; $50,000 for the shooting in a vehicle charge and $10,000 for the possession of a controlled substance charge.

And, that does not include a federal charge of possession of a stolen weapon.

The suspect was found hiding the closet of the residence of a friend, who also was arrested and charged with harboring a fugitive.

Perhaps after the suspect has had his day in court, he will be found not guilty of the charges, but enough evidence exists to warrant keeping the suspect behind bars at this point.

In addition to keeping the suspect off the streets and keeping him and the community safe from any possible harm associated with the crimes, the high bond also serves as a message to others who might commit such crimes.

You will be locked up and kept behind bars if you commit violent crimes.

We commend Dale for setting such a high bond and keeping the suspect off the streets until he has had his day in court.