Catholic diocese of Jackson releases obligation to attend Mass

Published 8:34 am Sunday, March 15, 2020

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The Catholic Diocese of Jackson announced Saturday that it is releasing obligations to attend Mass for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19 concerns for all Catholics in addition to elderly and anyone with serious underlying medical conditions.

The information was posted by Bishop Joseph Kopacz on Saturday on the Jackson diocese’s public health concerns web page that is devoted to information about COVID-19 at Public Health Concerns page.

“First and foremost, for the foreseeable future, I hereby dispense from the obligation to attend Mass ALL Catholics (in addition to the elderly and anyone with a serious underlying medical condition for whom contracting the coronavirus may be a life-threatening situation),” Saturday’s update said. “To clergy, implement common sense. If you have flu-like or virus symptoms do not celebrate Mass. Stay in your rectory or living quarters and seek medical assistance. If you are unable to find a substitute and there is time to alert parishioners, tell them to attend Mass elsewhere on the upcoming Sunday. If you are overcome on Sunday morning, have someone trained to lead a Liturgy of the Word service with possible distribution of Communion if this is feasible. Having parishioners participate in the sacrifice of the Mass is the optimum but we know this is not always possible due to driving distance at the last minute. If Mass is available nearby, parishioners should make every effort to attend that Mass.”

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Visit the diocese’s page here for more information.