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Grennell: ‘Stay home!’ More than 50 COVID-19 tests out in Adams County

NATCHEZ — Natchez Mayor Darryl Grennell said he is strongly urging residents to stay home during the COVID-19 crisis.

Grennell, who has not yet received the results of his own COVID-19 test sent to a private lab eight days ago Monday, said the state’s testing system is broken.

“Last Monday, I had a test performed and as of today, I still have no results,” Grennell said. “During our task force meeting today, I learned Adams County has over 50 tests out and has not received any result on those from the state or private labs.”

Grennell said Merit Health Hospital is awaiting results of more than 25 COVID-19 tests it has sent out and the after-hours clinic is awaiting the results of 30 such tests.

“The turn around is not fast enough,” said Grennell, who is a microbiologist and who taught microbiology at Alcorn State University before retiring after a 30-year career. “Please stay at home except to get food and other necessities. Churches should stop having services. Have services at home.”

Grennell said he also has heard of bars that are continuing to operate and urged them to close as well.

“I am strongly urging citizens to stay home, so we don’t have a major (outbreak) in our community,” Grennell said. “The system of testing is broken. Stay home.”