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Lifelong friend supports Hall for alderwoman

Valencia Hall can be described using only three words: sincere, loyal and dependable.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Hall all my life. Throughout this time, she helped countless people in our community by selflessly giving her time and mentoring those she could.

She has volunteered with youth basketball programs, youth baseball programs, served on school boards, multiple ventures with her church & other churches, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Selfless service is a way of life for Hall, and it is contagious, because she inspires others to be as giving as she is. She has definitely helped many people, including myself, to achieve personal and professional growth milestones.

With her ability to mentor people, Hall was planting, cultivating and growing future leaders, not only for our community, but leaders that would positively affect the world.

There are only a few people that I know that are as resilient, hardworking and optimistic as Hall. She greets everyone with a positive and pleasant attitude and is not easily tempered.

Her encouraging outlook on life is to be admired, especially considering the adversities that she has faced. Her great character habitually bleeds into other people she comes in contact with.

Hall understands that bad news does not get better with time. For this reason, I always know I can get an honest assessment of any situation from her. Hall is a woman whose moral compass is accurately calibrated and her azimuth is always pointing at integrity. For these reasons, I hope all residents in Natchez, MS that reside in Ward One will rush to polls to vote Valencia M. Hall as their next Alderwoman.

2. Point of contact for this memorandum is the undersigned at commercial 601-334-1966 or via email brian.k.hughes48.mil@mail.mil.

Brian K. Hughes

Cpt., Lt. Gen., commanding

U.S. Army Battalion, Meridian