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Why I support Joyce Arceneaux Mathis for Ward 1

Joyce Arceneaux-Mathis is an experienced leader in the City of Natchez. Her effectiveness can be seen through her accomplishments as Alderwoman of Ward 1 for the past 24 years.

Some of these accomplishments include, but are not limited to, her working with other local city and county officials and committees to build a new swimming pool and provide county-wide access to 21st century aquatic events and making plans to revitalize the Woodlawn Historic District to include the Sadie V. Thompson Project and the restoration of Natchez College as a venue for Biblical study and religious services and performances.

She is my former co-worker and my friend. She and I have served together on the board for the Mississippi Association of Educators, as well as, on local boards and committees.

I have witnessed that she is a relentless and passionate worker who is very knowledgeable about local, state and national issues. She possesses the knowledge to seek out the appropriate resources, the voice to articulate any concerns, and the wherewithal to network with others to get the job done as effectively and efficiently as possible. And I believe that she is not tired yet.

I endorse Joyce Arceneaux- Mathis to continue to be the eyes, ears and voice in city government for Ward 1 in the City of Natchez.

Angela B. Brooks,