Community’s support of healthcare heroes tops area good news

Published 4:42 pm Monday, April 13, 2020

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In the age of COVID-19, the word hero is being redefined each day.
As the virus continues its spread into nearly every corner of the globe, healthcare workers are risking their lives to combat this contagious disease.

Ambulance workers and emergency responders are also putting themselves in harm’s way as they answer the call from sick victims in the community.

Several residents have organized to provide troop support for these real-life heroes on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Christy Anderson and Jenny Townsend have created a Facebook page called “Heroes Helpers — Supporting the Frontline”

The group hopes to raise several thousand dollars in donations to help support doctors, nurses and other local health care workers.
The donations are being used to purchase flower arrangements, fruit baskets, goodie bags and other gifts to bed delivered to hospitals and local doctor’s clinics.

Inspirational messages created using sidewalk chalk are being left at nursing homes and other healthcare facilities to let workers know how much they are appreciated.

Thank you to Anderson, Townsend and many others who are providing emotional support to all of those helping to care for patients and fight the spread of the virus.
Other good news from the week:

  • The Natchez Police Department recently welcomed a new four-legged recruit to its ranks. Toon is the force’s newest police dog. Police Chief Walter Armstrong said an Arkansas couple donated more than $16,000 for the K-9 after they learned about the department’s need after police dog Arko died of cancer.
  • The Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office dog Echo is recuperating after he was bitten by a rattlesnake while attempting to locate a suspect last week. Thankfully deputies were able to get the dog treatment at the Natchez Veterinary Clinic. We hope that Echo continues to improve and be back on the force soon.

Let’s always be on the lookout for good news in our community.