Gibson announces run for mayor

Published 8:01 pm Thursday, May 21, 2020

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NATCHEZ — Dan Gibson recently announced his candidacy for Mayor of Natchez.

“I want to be your next mayor!” Gibson said. “… I want to put Natchez back to work. It’s about jobs. I will never settle for a ‘C’ average. As a former mayor and long-time business leader and legislative consultant, I will need no on-the-job-training or new introductions to the dozens of state and federal partners we’ll need to restore our economy.”

Gibson said he believes he has what it takes to be the next mayor.

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“Our next leader must be business savvy with connections on state, and national levels. He must be a team builder with new approaches. He must have experience and proof of past successes, not just promises. I am that Mayor,” Gibson said. “My plan, The Natchez Renewal, is a six part plan to get us thinking not as a small town but as a smart town. And I’m already working on it.”

Help local businesses and tourism recover

“I am already reaching out to state and federal connections to help us rebuild our economy,” Gibson said. “As mayor, my primary focus will be to fill our empty buildings and bring new life to Natchez.”

Create a vocational training educational center

“Let’s re-purpose our city’s costly-to-secure, hazardous, old tire plant with federal clean-up funds,” Gibson said. “This will be a regional asset for creating jobs and hope.”

Implement “M.E.D. Natchez”

“Our Medical Economic Development program, already in motion, will partner with National Healthcare CEOs and professionals to fill vacant hospital and business spaces to make Natchez a Healthcare Industry Hub,” Gibson said.

Renew youth recreational programs

“We need to mentor our youth by bringing new energy to our city’s recreational programs,” Gibson said. “Let’s find ways to invest in our youth now. If we don’t, we will pay the price later.”

Arrest crime and build a smart, safe city

“We must support our police and remove the bottlenecks to solving crimes,” Gibson said. “Let’s keep offenders behind bars. Proven, proactive leadership and jobs in Natchez will arrest crime.”

Hold monthly unity & worship gatherings

“Renewal will require us to come together now as never before,” Gibson said. “I can think of no better way than by sharing our faith and fellowship as a community on a regular basis. Pray together and stay together.

“And thank you for your vote and support on June 2. May God bless you.”