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Bond reduction in 2018 murder case denied

NATCHEZ — A request for a bond reduction for a Natchez teen charged in a 2018 murder was denied Thursday in Adams County Circuit Court under the direction of Judge Debra Blackwell.

Carianta Allen, 19, who faces charges with three other young adults in the murder of Shakerria King, 17, and injuring of another person in a July 2018 shooting, was issued a bond of $750,000 and has been incarcerated for nearly two years since the incident.

Allen faces one count of first-degree murder and two counts of aggravated assault and pleaded “not guilty” on all of the charges in November.

Others charged in the incident include Curtavius Knight, Nicholas McGrew and Montreal Brown — all of Natchez.

Allen’s attorney, Dennis Sweet, had filed a motion requesting Allen’s bond be reduced to $100,000.

During Thursday’s hearing, Sweet said his client wasn’t a threat, had been unable to make bond and has at-home obligations — including a 2-year-old daughter and a job offer working for a family member in construction.

Blackwell said that she had not seen enough evidence from Allen’s case to determine whether or not he would be a threat to the community if released and said his bond would remain at $750,000.