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We have more important things to worry about

Have far too many of us lost our minds? Someone has suggested removing the movie “Gone With the Wind.”

We have movies and programs with foul language, all kinds of sexual content, perverted vile subject matter, comedians, female and male, who make those in the days of Richard Pryor look and seem nice — with (body parts) and situations that should not be given a chance for children to see.

“Gone With the Wind” is among the last things we should focus on, think of or worry about having a negative impact.

We have so very many more negative movies, people, places and programs to keep us occupied for the next 1,000 years. Start correcting our focusing on the least and focus on the most corruptive problems and influences.

Get on our knees, pray, talk, chant, meditate and focus on peace not chaos and turmoil.

Train, mold, teach and help your children to maintain pride and character. Build a foundation strong and wise enough to help them and those they come in contact with. Know who they are.

Harriet Davis

Natchez resident