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Pay attention to road when you are driving

Over the past weekend, two people lost their lives to automobiles.

One victim was riding his bicycle on Devereux Drive at night in Natchez and was run over by a vehicle, the driver of which, for whatever reason, did not see the bicyclist.

Then, early Sunday morning, a pedestrian in Concordia Parish was run over by the driver of another vehicle. Both of those incidents are under investigation so the exact causes of the accidents are undetermined at this time.

However, far too often we hear about some sort of automobile accident that claims a life in the Miss-Lou.

In this era, drivers have more distractions than ever, whether they are talking on the cellphone or texting on the smartphone, not to mention listening to or fumbling with the radio or conversing with passengers in the vehicle.

Impaired driving also continues to be a concern.

We urge drivers to put down the cellphones. Do not text and drive. Pay attention to the road and buckle up. Realize that driving is a privilege, and when you are behind the wheel you are controlling heavy machinery that can cause great damage or kill people.

Take that responsibility seriously. Your life and the lives of your loved ones depend on it.

Also, if you are a pedestrian walking on the roadside, walk facing oncoming traffic so you can see oncoming traffic. Carry a flashlight if you are walking at night to make yourself more visible.

If you are riding a bicycle, go with the flow of traffic, follow the rules of the road and have plenty of reflective material and lighting to make yourself visible.

Above all, don’t drink and drive and pay attention to the road. The life you save could be your own.