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Louisiana high school freshmen excited for practices

VIDALIA — Freshmen football players in Louisiana are getting ready to begin their high school football careers with summer practices underway.

Michael Norris, head football coach of the Vidalia High School Vikings, said approximately 12 to 13 freshmen are playing on the team.

“If I can have 12 to 13 freshmen every year in every class, then that gives us 46 players and I’m happy with that,” Norris said. “The freshmen have done everything that we have asked of them. They come out and they are working hard. These older guys have to be ready because we have some freshmen that are going to compete for starting jobs. The freshmen are hungry and they want to play.”

Tristan Briggs and Kaiden Rourks are among the 12 to 13 freshmen on the Vikings football squad.

Rourks said he has been playing football since he was in the sixth grade. Meanwhile, Briggs said he has been playing football for three years.

Briggs said that practices have been amazing so far.

“Coach Norris has been pushing us more, building our speed and power, so we can keep grinding during the season,” Briggs said. “The practices are hard but that is what we have to do to get better.”

Meanwhile, the Ferriday High School Trojans have 18 freshmen on the football squad. Stanley Smith, head coach of the Trojans, said the freshmen have been working hard and are learning how practices go.

Down the road from Ferriday High School, Juvari Singleton and Davis Cooper are two of seven freshmen practicing for the Delta Charter School Storm football team.

Singleton said he has been playing football for eight years.

“Football is important to me because it teaches you more than sportsmanship,” Singleton said. “Football teaches you life lessons, like how to accomplish your goals and how to not give up.”

Blake Wheeler is the head football coach of the Storm.

Wheeler said having freshmen on the football team is very important for the Storm.

“Having freshmen on your team are the building blocks for years to come and with a roster as small as ours, we depend on those freshmen a lot to play,” Wheeler said. “You do not have to wait until you are a junior or a senior like you do at some programs. If you can play, then we will put you on the field.”