Keeping COVID in check is now up to each of us

Published 8:19 pm Friday, June 26, 2020

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When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, people took the disease and it’s potential to spread seriously.

We all endured weeks of sheltering in place, self-isolation, social distancing, avoiding crowds and wearing facial masks in public.

The numbers of people infected with COVID-19 grew but perhaps not as swiftly as the numbers of infected people could have grown without the restrictive measures in place.

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People could only take so much, however, and the guidelines were gradually relaxed, businesses reopened and people, perhaps emboldened by the low infection rates, began visiting and socializing more.

Now the increased activity is coming home to roost in record numbers of COVID-19 infections not only in Mississippi but also throughout the nation.

This time around, medical professionals are reporting a rise in infections in younger people.

And, the infections could have lasting repercussions on the victims’ health as they age.

Now is the time for individuals to remain vigilant — even if restrictions are not in place — by choosing to maintain social distance, avoid large groups of people and to wear facial masks to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

It is important for the health of our nation and community and we all must do our part.