Video: Charles Evers discusses civil rights, the Black Lives Matter movement and why he supported President Trump

Published 6:52 pm Wednesday, July 22, 2020

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(Warning: the above video contains strong language that is not suitable for all audiences and some viewers might find offensive.)

In a February 2017 interview, former Fayette Mayor Charles Evers and former Natchez Mayor Tony Byrne sat down to discuss various topics including racism, how Mississippi has changed since the 1960s, why Evers said he didn’t believe in Black Lives Matter and why he was a supporter of President Donald Trump.

After the interview, Evers and Byrne took part in a panel discussion at the Hotel Vue for a public discussion about their experiences during the 1960s and years after. The panel discussion was moderated by retired instructor and historian Jim Wiggins and was a follow-up to one of the city’s Tricentennial Legends and Lore presentations about the Civil Rights movement in Natchez.

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The above video is an edited version of the interview between the two former mayors.