Party on bluff is worth wait

Published 7:51 pm Thursday, September 3, 2020

A party on the bluff is being planned for Natchez and we can’t wait until we can celebrate.

Instead of sitting on their hands waiting for the COVID-19 pandemic to go away, two business owners are planning for the eventual day when we all can be together.

After all, what is the riskiest thing business owners can do during an economic crisis like the one we are currently facing?

Doing nothing at all.

Yes, waiting for things to improve before making the next move may be one of the worst things any business owner can do.

The key to a brighter future for most business owners is to take action, to plan and to position companies to take the fullest advantage of conditions when things do improve.

Because things will improve.

That is why we are heartened to hear about the ongoing plans for the old train depot on Broadway Street. We were also glad to see city leaders provide their stamp of approval by unanimously voting to negotiate a lease for the depot with filmmakers Tate Taylor and John Norris.

The plans sound exciting. Not only will the building include a new restaurant, but it will also include public restrooms and a refreshment vendor that will serve high-quality street food and refreshments outside the building.

Further plans include an outdoor movie screen, entertainment stage, children’s play area and splash pad.

“We very much want to make (the bluff) a place for families, all families of Natchez,” Taylor said pointing out how the bluff has become a refuge for many people who have been using the space for exercise and play.

We can’t wait for the party to begin.