Thank you, laborers! You keep economy going

Published 9:33 pm Friday, September 4, 2020

As we enjoy the long Labor Day weekend, let us not forget the reason for the holiday — laborers.

Laborers are the hardworking men and women who are most often thought of as factory workers or people who toil in manufacturing shops.

That is a narrow focus on laborers, which includes a much broader spectrum, especially as our national and world economies are evolving.

Today’s economy, however, is just as dependent upon laborers as the heyday of the industrial era.

Today the workforce of our more technological-based economy is populated with a more diverse crew of workers, from grocery workers to ride-share workers and other people who work in the gig-economy of the era.

Let us not forget about farm laborers, law enforcement officers, public servants, emergency rescue workers, tugboat operators and anyone who works for a living.

Laborers are worthy of a holiday and are sometimes easy to overlook as we eye the stock market and our investment portfolios.

Let’s not forget those profits would not be possible without the people in the field who make the economy work.

So enjoy your Monday off and take some time to pat yourself on the back if you are a laborer and to thank a worker for their efforts in making our economy and world go round.

Happy Labor Day!