Major utilities support new Mississippi state flag

Published 7:44 pm Friday, October 23, 2020

On Nov. 3 Mississippians will vote on important measures, including the opportunity to approve a new state flag. 

We urge you to Vote Yes for this new flag that will represent all Mississippians. This flag will show that we are united in a desire to build a state in which we can all succeed and raise our families in flourishing communities.

The 2020 Mississippi Legislature did its duty to retire the former state flag and to create the Commission to Redesign the Mississippi State Flag so that voters have the opportunity to approve a new flag. This diverse group of nine appointed Mississippians represented all regions, races, and major political parties in the state. 

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Tremendous public input resulted from 70,000 public comments and 3,000 designs that were submitted. Diverse opinions had equal opportunity to be heard, respected, and considered. The Commission then perfected a design that honors our past and sets the stage for our future. 

The new flag features the words “In God We Trust,” symbolizing our faith and values. A modern magnolia blossom, our state flower and tree, is featured to symbolize the hospitality for which we are known.

The magnolia flower rests on a field of blue to echo the blue of the American flag. A circle of 20 white stars celebrates Mississippi’s place as the 20th state. A single gold star represents the native American tribes who populated the land that would become Mississippi. Red bars symbolize valor and gold stripes salute the rich cultural history of a state filled with nationally recognized writers, performers and artists.

This flag opens up greater opportunity for economic prosperity, as evidenced by site selectors across the country who have said that a new flag would increase our ability to locate new companies to bring their jobs to our citizens. 

With a yes vote, Mississippians will join hands to seek prosperity for all of our people. Let’s Vote Yes for a new flag and a new day.

Jeff Bowman, president and CEO,

Cooperative Energy

Michael Callahan, executive vice president and CEO, Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi

Haley Fisackerly, president and CEO,

Entergy Mississippi

David Gates, president, Atmos Energy,

Mississippi Division 

Anthony Wilson, chairman/president and CEO, Mississippi Power