Kyzar blends work, home life

Published 3:00 am Monday, November 30, 2020

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By Skylar Wolfe

Special to the Democrat

NATCHEZ — Tiffiany Kyzar said her blended work and home life is a zoo, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Kyzar runs her hair styling business, Meraki, from her house on South Temple Street where The Dart landed Wednesday afternoon.

Kyzar said she also homeschools her children ages 6, 4 and 2.

“I often say we were social distancing before it was cool,” Kyzar said. 

Kyzar was hard at work Wednesday cutting hair, keeping up with her children and preparing to go grocery shopping. 

“It’s a circus,” Kyzar said. “Welcome to my circus. It’s great. I like working from home. If I have to work, this is the best situation.”

Kyzar said she has been working with hair and make up for approximately 15 years, and she used to have a studio on Highland Boulevard, but after having her third child she moved her business to her house.

Now, Kyzar has been working from home for nearly two years. 

“When I gave up my little studio I was kind of sad not to be able to chat and know about what’s going on in their [clients’] lives,” Kyzar said. “Working part time from home still gives me that opportunity to still have that social interaction with clients who are like friends and family.”

Kyzar said she enjoys teaching and helping her children at home.

“We definitely focus on academics,” Kyzar said. “We like the idea of being able to teach our kids and doing a lot of activities as opposed to having them sit in school for eight hours a day.  Plus, I really like hanging out with my kids.”

Kyzar’s blend of home and work life lets her take life one day at a time, she said. 

“We just make it work,” Kyzar said. “We just figure it out. It’s trial and error.”