Still seeking justice in 2018 death of Don Owens

Published 9:31 pm Thursday, December 17, 2020

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Dec. 17 marked two years my son Don E. Owens was brutally murdered off of West Stiers Lane in a dark alley. He was shot in the back. No one has been held accountable or arrested for taking my child’s life.

I write this letter from a place of severe desperation as a grieving mother that no longer hears the laughter or cries of my child, who I am no longer able to hug, kiss, counsel or pray with.

Yet I cry out for answered prayers because my child was brutally murdered by someone that tore him down in the prime of his young life.

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Don came from a close-knit and loving family. He was a son, brother, grandson, uncle and most of all a great loving father of four children.

Don will never get to see his children’s birthdays, holidays, graduations, weddings and other special events a loving father shares with their children.

Don loved his family and he was loved by many. We will always love him if it’s just in memories. We as a family miss him so much as we sit around and reminisce about all the happiness we had as individuals or as a family. This type of death has affected our families.

Some days I feel empty and hollow, some days I cannot think or concentrate and I also have days I cannot see what’s in front of my eyes. I have feelings of isolation helplessness, fear, uncertainty, guilt or self-blame and nightmares.

As a parent I have always believed in the natural order of life. The older generation should die first. As a mother and father we do not expect to bury our children, they should bury us. God himself has the last word on life. I’ve asked agencies to consider working together to solve these senseless killings. I feel every elected official should be held accountable until all unsolved murders have been solved in Adams County.

The murderers and criminals still walk among us every day and some are repeated habitual. They have no consequences for their actions. They are still out there committing crimes and terrorizing our community.

All families need justice and closure for our loved ones who have lost our loved ones to violence. It is so sad it has been two years for me with no one being held accountable for my son’s murder and some families longer.

Just know it’s very stressful, frustrating and emotional at times especially holidays, birthdays, not having your loved ones at family functions. Every one sitting at the dinner table and he is not there.

I do not wish the pain on my worst enemy even if I had one. It is my plea that if anyone saw something or knows something to please say something so we can get our town back safe for all in the community. We as parents should not have to worry if our children would return home safely.

Rebecca Owens is a Natchez resident.