Let us appreciate our blessings in this season

Published 10:25 pm Tuesday, December 22, 2020

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The current pandemic has changed the lives of all of us, but we are thankful for our many blessings. We are so blessed with wonderful people and places in our city.

This year Christmas may not be our traditional celebration, but the spirit of the season is everywhere in our beautiful city.

Many residents have decorated their homes with an abundance of lights. Wreaths, swags, balls and ribbons on doors welcome guests to visit.   

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Again the city of Natchez has illuminated two of our important landmarks — trees in Memorial Park and on the Natchez Bluff.

Additionally, all the garlands on the long fence overlooking the river sparkle with lights.

The traditional Christmas tree, sponsored by Taco Bell and Home Bank on Commerce and Main Streets, beckons both tourists and residents to downtown shops and businesses.

One block of Main Street is spectacular with a myriad of lights and decorations by Netflix — a visible affirmation of the importance of our people and community.

As Mayor Dan Gibson stated, “We were told that our selection was based on the fact that Natchez met the criteria: a community beautiful and thriving, where harmony, unity and peace reign . . .”

Downtown churches with lights and crèches remind us of the true meaning of Christmas — the birth of the Christ Child.

As we pray for the end of the pandemic, let us also ask that the spirit of Christmas pervade our lives with a deep appreciation of our blessings, especially all the people who love and appreciate our city.

Mary Eidt is a Natchez resident.