Natchez could get snow Sunday

Published 10:09 pm Thursday, January 7, 2021

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Hunter Cloud

The Natchez Democrat

The National Weather Service in Jackson has forecasted a chance of snow in Mississippi for Sunday night or early Monday morning.

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A low-pressure system will bring in snow from the Northwest portion of Mississippi and could even bring snow to Natchez. NWS warning coordination meteorologist Felecia Bowser said the chances of snow is dependent on cold air being in place.

“There is still some uncertainty to see if things are favorable to see if we will get snow,” Bowser said. “The majority of computer models are hinting at it.”

On Saturday or Sunday, weather forecasts will be clearer on whether Natchez will get snow, Bowser said.

NWS in Jackson forecasts the threat of snow to be limited and updates to the forecast can be found on their website

Forecasts for Natchez on Sunday night show a low of 32 degrees and a 70% chance for precipitation. Monday will have a high of 40 degrees according to the NWS in Jackson.

If it does snow Sunday, any accumulation of snow would depend on the temperature of the ground. Bowser said cold days and nights on Thursday, Friday and through the weekend could lower the ground temperature enough for snow to stick.

Overpasses and bridges are typically the first to accumulate snow and ice Bowser said due to the height of bridges. Drivers should be cautious Bowser said if it does snow Sunday.

“You might see some slushy roads if the snow does indeed stick,” Bowser said. “And there may be some icy patches that could occur if the temperatures get cool at night.”