An Ode to Nachos

Published 11:35 pm Friday, January 8, 2021

Jennie Guido

It started back on a Friday night long ago in D’evereaux Stadium. My love with nachos was built one cheese-covered chip at a time while watching Greenwave football. Ever since, it’s been just the two of us.

I tend to order nachos when I’m at a restaurant and usually end up begrudgingly sharing with the table when they were meant just for me. Whether a half order at La Fiesta Grande or the Natchez Nachos at Fat Mama’s Tamales, I’m a fan and will gladly clear the plate. I love the crispy chips, the heavenly cheese, and the endless toppings. Those toppings! Olives, tomatoes, and green onions. Sour cream, guacamole, and queso. Oh, my. Luckily, in Natchez, there are three nacho dishes that I can’t get enough of; and hopefully, they will be your new favorites, too.

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Down Highway 61 South is a little restaurant that people from near and far flock to day after day — Roux 61. For years, it’s a staple in Natchez cuisine and well known for so many tasty dishes. However, the Seafood Nachos have always been a stand out for me.

Not only is the serving huge but also layered with toppings and cheese so that each bite is a masterpiece. Some orders of nachos only have a single layer of cheese and delectable toppings, but as you progress through this tower of tri-colored tortilla chips, you’ll find more sauce, more shrimp, and more reasons to hurry home for a long winter’s nap.

Another favorite is on the other side of Highway 61 at Pedro’s. Now that we are in the business of “to go” meals more often than dining in, I’ve found that Pedro’s nachos are perfect for bringing home. With one container filled with chips smothered in white queso and your meat of choice (which is ground beef for me), Pedro’s includes small containers of each individual topping for you to build your own bite. After adding the perfect amount of sour cream and guacamole, a dusting of house made pico de gallo finishes this meal perfectly.

Lastly, there are the nachos at County Pie. Now look. These are a religion for me. I was quick to fall in love with them when County Pie opened in early 2020. I needed them. I dreamt about them. They sort of haunted me. Then, the pandemic took them away until early November. It was a dark time, and I posted on County Pie’s social media frequently using the hashtag #imissthenachos. I’ve taken my time and only indulged a hand full of times since their return, but just knowing they are on the menu again makes me feel better. They are what nachos were meant to be. The chips are seasoned; the queso is a different level of creamy; and the amount of sour cream that is dolloped in the middle should be illegal. They are made for sharing, of course; but when asked by the servers if we are ready to order real food, it’s hard not to go for another platter of nachos. They are that good.

Jennie Guido is a community columnist for The Natchez Democrat. You may reach her at